sms.plusgsm.pl – Plus, Poland

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sms.plusgsm.pl - Plus, Poland

sms.plusgsm.pl - Plus, Poland

How to set GPRS for WAP phone network Plus GSM (also Simplus)?

Settings for phones without GPRS:

Profile name: WAP Plus
Home Page: http://wap.plusgsm.pl
Media: Data
Dial-up number: +48601100234
Call type: Analogue
Type of review: Normal
User: plusgsm
Password: plusgsm
IP Address:
Baud Rate: 9600
Link security: No
Connection: Continuous

Settings for GPRS phones:

Profile name: WAP Plus
Home Page: http://wap.plusgsm.pl
APN: wap.plusgsm.pl
User: (leave this entry blank!)
Password: (leave this entry blank!)
IP Address:

MMS Settings

Look in the phone options: Edit active multimedia settings: (may be called the same
eg MMS settings)

Name of setting type: MMS Plus
Homepage: http://mms.plusgsm.pl: 8002
Select the Enable proxy
Basic proxy type 212,002,096,016
Port 8080 to confirm that
Secondary proxy is left blank
Primary DNS address is left blank
Secondary DNS address is left blank
Confirm the data bearer GPRS Bearer settings
Access point type mms.plusgsm.pl
Authentication type select normal
Username is left blank
Password leave blank
Active multimedia settings: Select Profile Plus Multimedia

Quoted from Wikipedia:

Plus (previously: Plus GSM) is the brand name of Poland‘s mobile phone network operator, Polkomtel. The company is owned by Vodafone (24,4%), PKN Orlen (24.4%), KGHM Polska Miedź (24.4%), Polska Grupa Energetyczna (21.85%) and Węglokoks (4.98%)[1]. It operates GSM (900/1800 MHz), UMTS and WLAN networks in Poland.

Plus has over 14.5 million customers (December 2008).

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