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mms.xl.net.id, mms.xl.co.id – XL Axiata, Indonesia

mms.xl.net.id, mms.xl.co.id - XL Axiata, Indonesia
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XL MMS Retriever

If you receive and SMS notification as below:

Anda mendapat pesan mms; untuk melihat pesan tersebut kunjungi www.xl.co.id . Masukkan, message id xxxxxxxxxx, password = xxxxxx ,

You can open your MMS message here.

How to view your XL MMS?

You have to fill-in you Message ID and password which being sent your the SMS notification.

Your message will only being kept for 3 days (72 hours) and will be deleted from database. You’re advised to view your MMS messages immediately and save it into your mobile phone or PC.

mms.xl.net.id - XL, Indonesia

mms.xl.net.id – XL, Indonesia


XL MMS Manual Parameter (official from XL)

Connection Name: XL-MMS
Data Bearer: GPRS
Access Point Name: www.xlmms.net
Username: xlgprs
Prompt Password: No
Password: proxl
Authentication: Normal
Homepage: http://mmc.xl.net.id/servlets/mms
Connection Security: Off
Session Mode: Permanent
IP Address: Automatic
Proxy Server Address:
Proxy Port Number: 8080

Conn.Name:XL MMS
Data bearer:GPRS
Password: proxl
Conn.Name:XL GPRS
Data bearer:GPRS
Password: proxl

Manual XL MMS Parameter (from another source)

Connection Name: XL MMS

Data bearer: GPRS

APN: www.xlmms.net

Username: xlgprs

Password: proxl


Homepage: http://mms.xl.net.id/servlets/mms

Manual XL GPRS Parameter

Connection Name:XL GPRS

Data bearer: GPRS

APN: www.xlgprs.net

Username: xlgprs

Password:  proxl


Homepage: http://wap.lifeinhand.com

Quoted from Wikipedia (Translated from Bahasa Indonesia):

PT Excelcomindo Pratama Tbk, or abbreviated XL, is a mobile telecommunications operator in Indonesia. XL started its commercial operation on October 8 1996, and is the first private company that provides cellular telephone services in Indonesia.

XL has two product lines GSM, the XL Prepaid and Postpaid XL. Also XL also provides corporate services including the Internet Service Provider (ISP) and VoIP.

XL shareholders today are:

  • Indocel Holding Sdn. Bhd.. (67.02%), a company 100% owned by TM International (L) Limited (TMIL). TM International (L) Limited is a subsidiary of Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM) that specifically deal with international investment.
  • Khazanah Nasional Berhad (16.81%), an investment organization owned by the Government of Malaysia.
  • Emirates Telecomunications Corporation. (Etisalat) International Indonesia Ltd.. (15.97%), Emirates Telecommunications Corporation (Etisalat) International Indonesia Ltd.. 100% owned by Emirates Telecommunications Corporation ( “Etisalat”). Etisalat is the incumbent telecommunications company in the United Arab Emirate (UAE) which operates and has investments covering 15 countries in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia, including Afghanistan, Central African Republic, Cote D’Ivoire, Egypt, Gabon, Niger, Nigeria, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Tanzania, and Togo. Etisalat recently received award as “Best Overall Operator in 2007 ‘at Telecoms World Middle East Awards.
  • AIF (Indonesia) Limited (7.38%), a private financing company headquartered in Hong Kong.

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16 comments… add one

  • saya mendapat pesan dari +6287875006585, dan untuik melihatnya harus mengunjungi http://mmc.xl.net.id:30025/tgw, tetapi di situs ini tidak ada tanda2 di mana saya harus memasukkan id dan password yang dikirim xl. Jadi bagaimana saya bisa membukanya?
    Terima kasih

    • tolong jelasin donk, gmn prosedurnya gmn membka mms yg d kirimin org ke nmr kta

  • saya sangat2 salut dengan kinerja xl dalam berbagai programnya. semoga untuk kedepannya nanti xl menjadi semakin baik dari yang terbaik. semangt pagi…!!!

  • kenapa ya saya tidak bisa buka mms xl dari kiriman teman, gimana sih prosedurnya. trims.

  • bagaimana cara buka mms ya gan

  • saya ga bisa mms, gimana caranya ya..

  • saya dapat sms seperti ini cara untuk buka/membaca’y gmn ya..
    “silakan akses http://mmc.xl.net.id: web 30025/portal dalam modus web dalam waktu 48 melihat pesan MMS yang diterima dari XL Axiata-. Akun tersebut adalah nomor ponsel Anda dan password

  • Gmn ini cr mmbuka psn mms dr XL
    Trs dmn utk mmsukkan id&pasword nya?

  • bagaimana cara membuka pesan yang dikirim http://mmc.xl.net.id:30025 portalweb. tlg dijawab

  • Gimana cara membuka mms yg dikirim oleh orang lain ke nomor hp kita ya? saya sudah coba berkali-kali menggunakan user idnya yaitu nomor hp saya dan password yg ada di sms itu tapi kenapa gak bisa kebuka buka? Tolong jawab makasih

    • 087861591698

  • My mobile phone Nos.:+ 62852 8257 8823
    + 62878 8088 2183

  • bagaimana cara membuka pesan http://mmc.xl.net.id:30025/portalWeb in Web mode within 48 hoursto view the MMS messages reeived from 6281316498782?

  • bgmn cara bisa buka mms / kok dh gg bs buka mms knpa ?

  • gak bisa dibuka

  • Saya mendapai SMS dari web ini, tapi saya tidak menemmukan form yang harus saya isi


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