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mms.vinaphone.com.vn – Vinaphone, Vietnam

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mms.vinaphone.com.vn - Vinaphone, Vietnam

mms.vinaphone.com.vn - Vinaphone, Vietnam

When I tried to access http://mms.vinaphone.com.vn, it gave me an error:

“parameter location was not included in the GET request”

Anybody knows, why it happens?

Quoted from Wikipedia:

Vinaphone is a Vietnamese major mobile network operator headquartered in Hanoi, Vietnam. Founded on June 26, 1996, as a GSM launcher, Vinaphone is the second network (after MobiFone) and third largest telecommunications provider in Vietnam, contributing 20% to the total mobile communication market (after MobiFone with 41%, Viettel Mobile with 34% and surpassing S-Fone with 3%)

Search from Google:

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