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mms.mts.ru – Mobile TeleSystems, Russia

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mms.mts.ru - Mobile TeleSystems, Russia

mms.mts.ru - Mobile TeleSystems, Russia

Do you want to download/send/receive MMS on MTS? Please register and login to http://mms.mts.ru.

If offers a wide selection of MMS in different messaging format such as photos, videos, audios, festivals, art tour, arts, nature, auto, moto, babes, macho, sports, people, life, humor, travel, cities, 18+ and many more.

Quoted from Wikipedia:

Mobile TeleSystems or MTS is the largest mobile operator inRussia and CIS with over 89.64 million subscribers as of April 302008.

Having started in the Moscow license zone in 1994, МТS in 1997 received licenses for further areas, and began expansion, later entering other countries of the CIS. On October 31 2008, Vodafone announced a partnership deal with MTS, whereby Vodafone services will be available to MTS subscribers; some form of co-branding will follow, and both companies have noted the potential for more efficient purchasing.

The MTS wireless network operates using the GSM standard. It currently holds licences to provide mobile services in 81 out of 83 regions in Russia and the entire territories of ArmeniaUkraineBelarusUzbekistan and Turkmenistan. MTS is currently the biggest mobile operator in Central and Eastern Europe.

For sample on what MTS could offer, refer the below picture.

mms.mts.ru - Mobile TeleSystems, Russia

mms.mts.ru - Mobile TeleSystems, Russia

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