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mms.mtctouch.com.lb – MTC Touch, Lebanon

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mms.mtctouch.com.lb - MTC Touch, Lebanon

mms.mtctouch.com.lb - MTC Touch, Lebanon

Welcome to the Multimedia Store.

If you’re one of the MTC Touch customer in Lebanon, this service enables users without a Multimedia Message Service ( MMS ) capable handset to retrieve and send messages.

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Quoted from Wikipedia:

MTC Touch, formerly known as LibanCell, is one of the two operating GSM networks in Lebanon, the other being Alfa. In 2004, the Mobile Telecommunications Company, MTC (now Zain) was awarded the contract effective June 1, with the Lebanese government to run and develop further a national GSM network covering all Lebanese territories, as one of the two mobile operators serving the Lebanese market, known as the “MTC Touch”.

Zain (formerly MTC) was founded in 1983 and has developed into a group of 22 operations from across the Middle East and African regions, offering services to over 50 million customers.

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