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mms.mobitel.sd/mms – Mobitel (Now Zain), Sudan

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mms.mobitel.sd/mms - Mobitel, Sudan

mms.mobitel.sd/mms - Mobitel, Sudan

To view your MMS message, kindly visit http://mms.mobitel.sd/mms.

Please submit your pincode which has been sent to your mobile phone via SMS.

No username and password required.

Quoted from Wikipedia:

Zain Sudan, formerly Mobitel Sudan, is a major mobile telephone network operator in Sudan.

Zain operates in 24 countries with over 15,000 employees providing Mobile voice and Data Services to over 69.5 million active customers as at 30 June, 2009

mms.mobitel.sd/mms - Mobitel, Sudan (Logo)

mms.mobitel.sd/mms - Mobitel, Sudan (Logo)

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  • لمتين نكون منتظرين مع الاعطال الفنيه

  • Dear Zain ,please do not post this surface unless you can accomplish it, I’m waiting for three days to pick up my sent MMs
    please try to solve this problem first and then send us a massage telling us that we could use this website
    +249 (0) 918408002

  • 0911214455
    يا هو ده السودان يا جماعه موت الجماعه عرس كنت قايل نفسى براى بس الحمد لله ممكن اعيش بره شويه وارجع لوجع القلب
    أحمد الغول

  • خربتو سمعتنا نحن المهندسين معقوله قمه الفشل العالم اطور ونح رسائل mms‏ مبنوصلا لو عندكم حراره دم حقو تقدمو استقالتكم

  • ايه السخافة دي .. انا 3 ساعات بحاول افتح الرسالة و ما قادر


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