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mms.mobileiam.ma – MobileIAM, Morocco

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tgw.mms.mobileiam.ma - MobileIAM, Morocco

tgw.mms.mobileiam.ma - MobileIAM, Morocco

mms.mobileiam.ma - MobileIAM, Morocco

mms.mobileiam.ma - MobileIAM, Morocco

How to compose, send and receive your MMS?

From your mobile, you can compose a multimedia message as writing an SMS. You can add text, photos, images, animations and sounds. This builds a mini-film, deciding which items you want to consolidate the same sequence in which order you want them to appear, and so on.

Sending a multimedia message
A multimedia message can be sent directly to a mobile phone Maroc Telecom or an email address. It may be sent to multiple recipients at a time, mixing mobile phone numbers and email addresses.

Receiving a multimedia message
Recipients Maroc Telecom, and if they have the option of an MMS compatible mobile phone MMS, instantly receive the message on their mobile phone. Otherwise, they are notified by SMS and can go to their message via the Internet.
The SMS tells them what it takes to see their multimedia message:

- The address of consultation www.mms.mobileiam.ma,
- Reference of the multimedia message (preceded by id:),
- The password to ensure confidentiality of the message (preceded by pass:)
- The identity of the sender of the message.

Quoted from Wikipedia:

Maroc Telecom is the main telecommunication company in Morocco.

IAM employs around 11,178 employees. It has 8 regional delegations with 220 offices present on all the territory of Morocco.

IAM is controlled by Vivendi which has a 53% share of its capital. The company is listed in both Casablanca Stock Exchange and Euronext Paris.

In June 12006, IAM launched the Internet television package via the ADSL line. The service was the first of its kind in Africa and the Middle East.

For more information, please visit http://www.mobileiam.ma/ or http://www.iam.ma

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