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mms.globul.bg – Globul, Bulgaria

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mms.globul.bg - Globul, Bulgaria

mms.globul.bg - Globul, Bulgaria

How to configure your mobile phone to send/receive MMS via Globul?

MMS settings:
MMS server: http://mmsc1.mms.globul.bg:8002
WAP gateway, proxy or relay:
Connection settings:
Connection type: GPRS
APN: mms.globul.bg
Username: mms
MMS through a number +359891002
Number: +359891002
Type: ISDN
Username: mms

As translated from Bulgarian to English:

MMS Gallery

This is your album MMS – MMS your personal space on the Internet by Globul.
Here you can practice full control over MMS messages:

  • To transfer your phone from your favorite MMS messages to keep them (number 1717)
  • To edit your MMS messages
  • To compose entirely new MMS message

To send the revised and new-create MMS messages

Do not rely solely on the pictures and the melodies are from the personal computer. Globul gives you a rich multimedia gallery of your communication. Enjoy!


Anyone can receive MMS messages!
Maybe you have ever thought that sending and receiving MMS messages must have MMS phones. Indeed, it is possible to send MMS messages and the phone does not support MMS, or e – mail.
If your phone does not support MMS, here you can view MMS messages sent to you.
To view the message, enter the identification code and password that you received a notification by SMS.

Quoted from Wikipedia:

GLOBUL (network code 284-05) is the second-largest Bulgarian GSM/UMTS operator. The company was founded in 2001 and is 100% owned by Greek telecommunications corporation Cosmote, which is active in five Balkan countries: Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Macedonia and Albania. Deutsche Telekom holds 30% of the Greek company

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