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mms.digi.com.my – Digi, Malaysia

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For more information, please refer to the posting, How to view MMS messages on non-MMS enabled phone .
mms.digi.com.my - Digi, Malaysia

mms.digi.com.my - Digi, Malaysia

Did you know that mms.digi.com.my has no presence on the web?
The screenshot above showed an error when I’m trying to reach mms.digi.com.my.

For your out there, don’t just making assumption that while Maxis has maxis.com.my/mms and Celcom with their mms.celcom.net.my/mms, Digi will follow suit the other competitor with that such naming convention.

So how do you view your MMS messages?

Based on the Digi FAQs page:

My phone is not a MMS-enabled phone. Can I send and receive MMS messages?

You won’t be able to send any MMS messages. However, you can still receive such messages. Whenever someone sends you a MMS message, you will receive a SMS notification. Use the Message ID in the SMS notification to log onto our Legacy server to view your message. Here’s an example:

You have been sent a MMS. You can retrieve it via web at www.digi.com.my or go to http://legacy.digi.com.my:8080/mmcp/Controller?url=mmc1;message-id=3920 To view:

  • Visit www.digi.com.my
  • Log in to Legacy and enter in your Login ID: Key in your prefix followed by your mobile number (e.g. 60161234567, 60121234567)
  • Key in your Message ID: (as per SMS notification)
  • Please note that you will only be able to view the picture ONCE using that Message ID. You won’t be able to use that Message ID twice. We recommend that you save the picture to your PC after viewing it.

Therefore, in short, in order for you to view your MMS message, go to:

Note: You may also find these Digi URLs are useful and relevant.

  • digi.com.my
  • ct.digi.com.my
  • flexieload.digi.com.my
  • dpolaris.digi.com.my
  • digiapps1.digi.com.my
  • ebilling.digi.com.my
  • digionline.digi.com.my
  • legacy.digi.com.my
  • vs.digi.com.my

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  • I send many time to unsubscribe the premium Android Tools phone tracking feature , but u ignored me ,& keep on deduction my digi credit .Pls reimbursement me back the digi credit. Thanks.
    Regards, Anna Leong


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