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mms.celcom.net.my/mms – Celcom, Malaysia

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mms.celcom.net.my/mms - Celcom, Malaysia

mms.celcom.net.my/mms - Celcom, Malaysia

Do you have a problem viewing the MMS pictures sent by your friend?
Try below steps:

  1. Try login to mms.celcom.net.my/mms and enter your MMS ID to view.
  2. You can also try this link, mmscr.celcom.net.my/mms
  3. If the problem still persist, contact Celcom Customer Care or or Celcom Careline (24 by 7 call centre) at
  • 1300 111 000 or
  • 1111 (if you are calling from your celcom mobile)

By the way, if your complaints are not being entertained or heard, please input your comment here for sharing purposes.


You may also find these Celcom URL relevant:

  • celcom.com.my
  • wsc.celcom.com.my
  • celcom.com
  • onlinepostpaid.celcom.com.my
  • cmt.celcom.com.my

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  • nak tanya , sya punya hset hilang tapi sya syg gambar 2 lama mlalui MMS mcm mana nak ambil balik ( MMS CELCOM ) . Minta kerja sama kwn 2 tq


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