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mms.bibob.dk – BiBob, Denmark

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mms.bibob.dk to telenormobil.no - Bibob, Denmark

mms.bibob.dk to telenormobil.no - Bibob, Denmark

Don’t be surprised when you’re trying to access http://mms.bibob.dk, you’ll be forwarded to https://telenormobil.no/norm/bibob/mms/index.do. If you managed to see the login screen, just provide your mobile number and the password. You may see your MMS pictures sent by your colleagues.

Why don’t be suprised?

It is because BiBob use Telenor’s network and facilities. In fact, Telenor Denmark has already acquired BiBob and sharing the same resource.

mms.bibob.dk - Bibob, Denmark

mms.bibob.dk - Bibob, Denmark

Quoted from Wikipedia (as translated from Danish to English):

BiBoB is a Danish low-cost mobile phone company founded by Frank Rasmussen, who also founded mobile carrier Telmore and ISP Image Scandinavia. BiBoB use Telenor’s network.

On the starting day of the 13th October 2007, it reached 5000 customers to sign up. As of 1st January 2008 the number of customers passed 30,000 customers.

On 5th May 2009 the company was sold to Telenor Denmark and they had a customer base of 69,000. BiBoB will continue as an independent brand.

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