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mms.bhmobile.ba – BH Telecom, Bosnia and Herzegovina

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mms.bhmobile.ba Login Screen - BH Telecom, Bosnia and Herzegovina

mms.bhmobile.ba Login Screen - BH Telecom, Bosnia and Herzegovina

If you want to retrieve your MMS via web, please login to http://mms.bhmobile.ba. You will then redirected to the http://sso.bhmobile.ba. Please enter your mobile phone number with the password/pin provided.

MMS settings and configuration for BH Telecom as follows:

Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina
Provider: BH Telecom
APN: mms.bhmobile.ba
WAP Gateway:
MMSC: http://mms.bhmobile.ba/cmmsc/post

3G network is supported by BH Telecom/BH Mobile. Please be informed that video call service is available for free to users until end of 2009.

mms.bhmobile.ba - BH Telecom, Bosnia and Herzegovina

mms.bhmobile.ba - BH Telecom, Bosnia and Herzegovina

BH Mobile/BH Telecom(ULTRA)
homepage wap.bhmobile.ba
APN: (active.bhmobile.ba)

IP Address:
Port/Proxy: 8080 / 9201

For an automatic configuration settings, send SMS with key word POSTAVKE on number 061 867 000, call 1444 (free of charge) or visit www.bhmobile.ba.

Quoted from Wikipedia:

BH Telecom is the largest telecommunications company in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It was established in 1997, and was the first company in Bosnia and Herzegovina to provide wireless telephony. It was a government-owned corporation whose sole proprietor was Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, but since 2003, it is listed as a public company with most stock still owned by the government. Although stock owners have both governance as well as ownership rights, the effect of such controlled distribution of capital is that company is effectively still directed and managed by the government, but funds and small shareholders are enabled to earn money on dividends and stock trading.

As with its “sister” federal telecommunications company HT Mostar, the government is represented through one of its ethnic halves, with Bosniak officials governing the company and appointing management.

Its current CEO is Samir Čaušević. The company’s headquarters is located in Dzemala Bijedica St in downtown Sarajevo.

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