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mmcp.era.pl/mmcp/c – Era, Poland

mmcp.era.pl/mmcp/c - Era, Poland

mmcp.era.pl/mmcp/c - Era, Poland

The above screenshot is the result when I try to access http://mmcp.era.pl/mmcp/c
It gave me an error of:

operation: processing
result: failure
information: Internal error occurred with code 404

http://mmcp.era.pl/mmcp/C - Era, Poland

http://mmcp.era.pl/mmcp/C - Era, Poland

However, below is the screenshot when I accessed http://mmcp.era.pl/mmcp/C. Take note on the small ‘c’ and the CAPITAL ‘C’ difference between two URLs.

Conclusion: Don’t waste you time and keep on getting frustrated. You may just typed in http://mmcp.era.pl, because it will subsequently forwarded to the correct URL with the CAPITAL ‘C’.

Quoted from Wikipedia:

Era is the main brand name of Poland‘s third largest mobile phone network operator, Polska Telefonia Cyfrowa (PTC). As in other European countries, the company operates a GSM network. The company is owned by the German telecommunications firm T-Mobile (93% of shares).

At the end of 2004, Era had over 8.6 million customers and was the leading mobile phone network operator in Central Europe. Era is one of Poland’s most recognizable domestic brand names, partly because the company has pursued an aggressive advertising campaign that makes Era billboards, sponsored events, and other commercials ubiquitous in Poland. The company’s popular prepaid mobile phone service is called Tak Tak (Yes Yes). PTC also operates a second prepaid brand, Heyah, aimed primarily at the youth market.

Towards the end of 2005, Era became the first mobile phone operator in Poland (and eighth in Europe) to have 10 million customers. The 10,000,000th client signing was celebrated with a concert by Van Morrison in Warsaw.

Era may be re-branded to T-Mobile Polska, as the result of T-Mobile/Deutsche Telekom’s success in the law suit brought by Vivendi concerning majority control.

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