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maxis.com.my/mms – Maxis Hotlink MMS

maxis.com.my/mms – Maxis Hotlink MMS
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There’s too many complaints regarding Maxis MMS service, these days. For those who are using latest mobile phone such as iPhone, Samsung, Nokia, Sony Ericsson and Motorola, there will be no problem.

Maxis Hotlink Logo

Maxis Hotlink Logo

However, those who are using MMS non-supported phone, they need to open the MMS via the Internet. Additionally, many confused, on what’s the different between Maxis and Hotlink. Hotlink is just a prepaid mobile of Maxis. Thus, there’s no difference when we are talking about the MMS services. Maxis MMS Services is just the same as Hotlink MMS Services.

So, how do I open the MMS pictures on the Maxis Hotlink website?


For Hotlink:

maxis.com.my/mms – Maxis Postpaid MMS

maxis.com.my/mms – Maxis Postpaid vs Maxis Hotlink Prepaid MMS

1. Go directly to the Maxis site by typing http://mms.maxis.net.my and/or http://www.maxis.com.my/mms

2. Click on the Hotlink logo. Please be aware, click this only if you’re using Hotlink prepaid.

maxis.com.my/mms – Maxis Hotlink MMS

Welcome to Picture Messaging on Maxis Hotlink MMS

3. Put in your mobile phone number, together with the password provided in the SMS.

maxis.com.my/mms – Maxis Hotlink MMS

Picture Messaging – Maxis Hotlink MMS

4. Normally, at this stage, you can see the pictures sent by your friends. It’s like an email interface. You can see Subject, Received, Save option.

maxis.com.my/mms – Maxis Hotlink MMS

Navigation menu on maxis.com.my/mms

5. On the left hand side, there’s also an option for you to Create the MMS pictures and send it online. You don’t have to compose it on your mobile phone.

maxis.com.my/mms – Maxis Hotlink MMS

Maxis Hotlink MMS Activation Expiration

6. But, if you’re receiving an Alert, it stated that your account may have expired.

NOTE: You must open the website, along with the password in 24 hours. Otherwise, it’ll get expired.

All you need to do is just activate back the MMS function. Send any MMS pictures or any blank multimedia message to mms@mms.maxis.net.my. Remember to send it to email, not to the Maxis number.

Or you can ask your friend to resend the MMS pictures back to you.

But please do remember, you must use an MMS enabled phone, or in an easy word, a mobile phone that can show pictures.

For Maxis postpaid, please read the Maxis Postpaid MMS Step by Step Guide.

Good luck. I managed to do it, so do you.

: )

Quoted from Wikipedia:

Maxis most popular service is its prepaid brand Hotlink, which currently serves over 8 million customers in Malaysia. They are currently heavily promoting a new IDD 132 service, which offers discounted calls to landlines in selected countries, at a rate of 20 sen (roughly 6 US cents) per minute which is, at certain times for many subscribers, even cheaper than a local call.

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  • maxiss mms bukak x bolehh pun. tolong naik taraf hampa punya sistem. jgn menyusahkan orng. buat menyakit hati hampa tau dak?? mangkaq la maxiss.

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  • haramjadah kau maxis…aku nk tgk picture xoleh bukak..xde akai..

  • Sy nak buka mms pun susah suruh ikut dah buat tapi kelur yg lain apa ni..btul2 menyusahkan org

  • khinzir betul maxis ni…penipu besak

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  • dlu aq pkai mxs mcm taek jew nk bkk pic pn stgh mampus jd skrg pkai line laen kjap jew leh bkk…

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  • salam..
    sila bc entry kat atas…ade procedure cmne nk bukak…

  • kepala xxx betul maxisni!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    dah dekat 2 jam aku dpn pc ni haram bolegh bukak mms ni

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  • susa laa cm ny..
    suro kte kklkn maxis..
    tp, ta de kmudhn dlm mms..
    tlpe password pon da kne block..
    len la law de “forgot password”..
    kan seng..

  • macam sial aje.. aq nk tengok mms dekat web site tak bolah,bodoh2 aje maxis bebal nie


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