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speed.p1.com.my – P1 Wimax Speed Test

speed.p1.com.my - P1 Wimax Speed Test
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Update: March 2014

Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM) has successfully acquired P1. Rumours said that TM will no longer promote WiMax but LTE instead using P1 infrastructure.


Besides Izzi, P1 Wimax also offers a speed test facility for you testing purposes.

speed.p1.com.my - P1 Wimax Speed Test

speed.p1.com.my – P1 Wimax Speed Test

You can go to:

If you compare both Izzi and P1, both are licensed with Ookla. Personal opinion, not much difference when you’re using Izzi and P1 as it doesn’t provide external countries speed test like Speedtest.net.

Quoted from Ookla:

Speed Test
Hundreds of sites around the world have licensed our applications to run on their own servers. Our customers include broadband and application service providers and a wide variety of corporate and government entities.

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  • 不明白为什么我已经加额我的户口,为什么速度还是这么慢???


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