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How to add 8PAX – Celcom Xpax Prepaid

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How to add 8PAX - Celcom Xpax Prepaid

How to add 8PAX - Celcom Xpax Prepaid

Have you ever wonder how to add 8PAX?

It’s very simple.

8PAX ADD <phone number> and send to 28882

Refer to the rest of the setting below:

1. To activate:
send to 28882

2. To add number into your 8pax list:
8PAX ADD <phone_number>
send to 28882

3. To delete number from your 8pax list:
8PAX DEL <phone_number>
Send to 28882

4. To view all your fav number listed in 8pax:
Send to 28882

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  • Just a new member of celcom…. Switching from DIGI. Hope to get a better service

  • I buy a celcom uox , but i can active 8pax . why ?

  • hi icaa

    leh minta no phone?
    leh kenal2 leh ehem2

  • Hoe to delete 8pax number? I follow the instruction but it keep saying that this service is not available.

    • same with me… :(


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