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album.personal.com.ar – Personal, Argentina

album.personal.com.ar - Personal, Argentina

album.personal.com.ar - Personal, Argentina

With photo album service from Personal, you can now take MMS pictures from your mobile phone and directly upload and organize it online.

What make it more interesting, you can invite your friend to comment your photos.

Proceed to http://album.personal.com.ar, which will be redirected to https://servicios.personal.com.ar/album/login.asp

Quoted from Wikipedia:

Telecom Personal S.A., owned by Telecom Argentina, is one of only 3 mobile phone companies in Argentina. Personal uses a similar logo to Telecom itself.

Telecom Personal owns 67.5% of Paraguayan mobile provider Núcleo S.A., which started in 1998 and also does business under the brand name Personal but uses a somewhat different logo.

Telecom Argentina S.A. is the major local telephone company for the northern part of Argentina, including half of the city of Buenos Aires. Briefly known as Sociedad Licenciataria Norte S.A., it quickly changed its name, and is usually known as simply Telecom within Argentina.

Telecom Argentina’s local telephone market, together with Telefónica de Argentina in the southern part of the country, was a monopoly until October 81999. Telecom also operates mobile phone service Personal and Internet service provider Arnet.

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  • boas. queria asseder au album de fotos, pois estao retidas fotos na quais tenho a login e pass e no consigo a seder. como as posso visualizalas?????
    carlos diogo

  • hola vivi soy la mena te quiero muchoestoy chateando con tu novio por aca te eñtrañamos


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